Elektromaster was originally founded in 1988 by engineers Jarmo Palomäki and Bengt Guldbrand. Through exceptional quality and customer service, they established strong relationships with leading industrial companies in Vaasa.

Today Elektromaster is a forward-thinking supplier of electrical products and solutions for companies building the sustainable infrastructure for tomorrow.

We are now a part of Anchor Ventures, an operationally active long-term investment company.


Elektromaster Oy is a small company specializing in electrotechnical subcontracting. Our business includes manufacturing and designing various electrical centrals, test equipment, power resistor elements and control panels in cooperation with our customers. Our worksite is located with good traffic connections in the industrial area of Vaasa. Our main customers are in the industry.

We guarantee our customers that our operations are customer-oriented, high quality and respectful of the environment. As a professional electrician, we can meet our customers’ expectations and requirements. We commit ourselves to protecting our environment and preventing pollution. We comply with laws and obligations in all our operations.

Our goals are punctuality of delivery, flawless operation and minimization of environmental risks. Our quality and environmental goals are measurable, trackable, and create the conditions for measures that contribute to the continuous improvement of overall operations. In order to maintain and increase customer satisfaction, we are constantly developing our operations. We take care of the competence of our staff through training and create the conditions for good cooperation with stakeholders, suppliers and other business partners. Our operating methods are communicated externally to our stakeholders and internally to all Elektromaster Oy personnel.


We carefully review each order to address any potential issues early in the planning stage.


We are always accessible and respond quickly to orders and inquiries.


95% delivery reliability and 99% quality (2023 figures).

“Our goal is to be the most dependable supplier for our customers, supporting their success in every project.”


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